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Quad Mounting Kit


Mota has designed their own hardware with simplicity in mind. We do a lot of mounting so we came up with the best option to assist in a smooth, quality mount. The wrench in the image is a 4mm allen ball. This will allow you to reach the front bolts at an angle while tightening or removing.  This is a huge advantage over standard cross or flat screwdriver heads.  (Allen Ball tool not included).

With carbon fiber and fiberglass as our first priority we designed a no taper head to allow even pressure around the screw head to ensure a strong flush mount.

4mm allen to hold the screw during mounting or un-mounting simplifies the process.

35mm long to allow for one screw to be used in front and back, break-off screws to guarantee the perfect length every time.

Lock nuts and washers to keep everything secure for the long haul.

Kit Includes

  • 35mm long, fits front and back of all derby skates.
  • 4mm allen head
  • 12 screws
  • 12 washers
  • 12 lock nuts