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Metcon Strada Custom Build Outdoor Skates


Custom Build Outdoor Skates
Mota has put together some of the best outdoor skate options by offering the most premium components available and allowing you to select which components are most important to you.

  • Please note custom build skates can take up to 7 to build and ship.

Mounting: Mota is experienced in mounting quad skates. If you are comfortable mounting or have another means of mounting be sure to check NO in the custom build fee option (drop down) below.

CHECK SIZE: SIZE GUIDE (once confirmed check yes in the drop down menu below)


BOSS NXT -  NeXT Generation Quad Plate System

All Strada custom build packages are built with BOSS NXT plates. Our high-performance plate system incorporates proven geometry that optimizes speed, maneuverability, and stability with simplicity. NXT' has a striped down truck system, integrated toe-stop insert, less parts, lighter, stronger, more dependable than our previous versions. Whether you skate speed, park, jam, rhythm, dance, derby, indoor, or outdoor, you deserve a plate that delivers perfect balance of strength, stiffness, weight and agility.  MORE INFO

Mota’s Flex-TEK is revolutionary in every sense of the word.

  • Flex-TEK outsoles are rigid and dynamic soles with flexible counters that traces your foot regardless of shape or width.
  • Metcon uppers are ergonomic for comfort, performance and require little to no break-in time.



Additional information

Boot/Plate Choice

Metcon TEK / BOSS NXT Plate


4.5 / 36, 5 / 37, 5.5 / 38, 6 / 39, 6.5 / 39.5, 7 / 40, 7.5 / 40.5, 8 / 41, 8.5 / 41.5, 9 / 42, 9.5 / 42.5, 10 / 43, 10.5 / 43.5, 11 / 44, 11.5 / 44.5, 12 / 45

Choose Your Bearings

ABEC 5, YOLO ABEC 7 +10, YOLO SWISS +50, YOLO Ceramic +100

Choose Your Stopper

Mota Stop, Jam Plug, Monster +17

Choose Your Wheels

Mota Freedom

Choose Your Lace

Stock, Waxed Black +8, Waxed Pink +8, Waxed Purple +8, Waxed Green +8, Waxed Blue +8

Lock Nut Color

Stock black metal, Nylon Pink, Nylon Green, Nylon Orange, Nylon Red, Nylon Blue, Nylon Purple, Nylon Black

Custom Build Fee

Yes +25, No

Measured and checked size

Yes, No