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Max Air


Imagine…Boots that fit comfortably from the first day you put them on. Have fun and start improving your skills immediately!

No one makes skates like we do. Period.

Max Air, the lightest, most comfortable park/Lifestyle boots available. With Flex-TEK you get more comfort combined with support needed to land more tricks or learn new skills. Hand made for serious skaters. They are ideal for parks, ramps, recreation and fitness, boardwalk.

Our unique, fit, function, performance and price speaks volumes.

Max Air Features:

  • Anatomically shaped around the collar for maximum mobility and agility
  • Narrow heel, Barefoot Fit toe box that fits both narrow and wide forefoot and promotes easy mold ability.
  • Ergonomic footbeds with 2MM toe rise, metatarsal, arch and heel cup support
  • Wide lace system to accommodate narrow and wide feet.
  • Pre-shaped tongue & two lace loops that locks the tongue place
  • Light as carbon fiber
  • The only one-piece outsoles that includes counters, little to no break-in period
  • Flex-Fit counters that don’t break down or stretch out. Only possible because of Mota’s one-piece outsole and counter technology
  • Barefoot Fit: A unique fit that allows the toes to rest comfortably while skating
  • Heel Lock: Built-in by design, comfortably holds your heels in place
  • More responsive than carbon fiber & leather outsoles
  • Power (Ankle) straps: adjustable, replaceable
  • Use: Parks, bowls, recreation, fitness, boardwalks, lifestyle
  • Upper Material: Microfiber suede
  • Liner: Super soft microfiber
  • Model: Max Air
  • Color: Black




Max Air

Flex-TEK outsoles: The only one piece outsole with built-in counters that cradle your foot like a baby but provides support, agility and performance better than all its predecessors.

Flex-TEK is more than meets the eye. The out of box experience will have you shaking your head in disbelief, asking yourself how is this possible? Top it off with counters that don't take break-in time and will NOT breakdown or become soft. Imagine...Boots that fit comfortably the day you buy them so you can have fun and start improving your skills immediately.

Barefoot Fit: The unique shape of Max air combined with our contoured lacing makes for an out of the box experience you will NOT find with any other brand.
Tongue: No lace bite, Max Air tongues come pre-shaped, padded, with dual slits to secure tongue in place.

For more information about our revolutionary Flex-TEK outsoles click here.



Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 in

5 / 37, 5.5 / 38, 6 / 39, 6.5 / 39.5, 7 / 40, 7.5 / 40.5, 8 / 41, 8.5 / 41.5, 9 / 42, 9.5 / 42.5, 10 / 43, 10.5 / 43.5, 11 / 44, 11.5 / 44.5, 12 / 45